Who needs college?

by TheWriter on October 3, 2014

CNN released a documentary lifting the veil on college costs and the new business … Selling bachelor’s degrees and more. The American political correctness machine and idealism of each of us being equal versus having equal opportunities has resulted in the nation’s youth holding more than $1 trillion in student debt. That number pales in comparison to the free money and grants they received from all of us. Our President took over the student loan program and immediately started speaking to how we taxpayers will pay those bills when he absolves those students from their debt. Sadly, our nation is unable to have thorough, strategic, honest conversations about the priorities of government efforts . We cannot even discuss whether security is more important than paying for condoms for college students. If we cannot decide which of those is more important for our government to fund, how can we possibly consider the value of, and responsibility of us to fund, a college degree?

We all need to watch this movie…Ivory Tower

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Big Data for Defense and Intel

by TheWriter on September 24, 2014

Presenting at the Big Data for Defense and Intel Presenting at the Big Data for Defense and Intel[/caption]Excellent experience today – Selected to present at the Big Data for Defense and Intelligence, and Homeland Security Symposium today. Technology Training Corporation hosted and led the conference. My presentation was a special dual presentation entitled, “Decision Point Analytics” and “The Role of the Interpreter.”

In short, Decision Point Analytics is tracking information at the point of recommendation such as who is the decision-maker, the recommendation, expected outcomes and the like. If we do not track that information, we do not have verification of our algorithms or data, nor do we assure the science in the decision-maker.
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I was a speaker at PAWGOV – 2014

by TheWriter on September 18, 2014

Presenting at PAWGOV-2014

I was honored to have the opportunity to speak at the Predictive Analytics World for Government this past Tuesday.

My talk was not a hard science/math discussion. Rather, my presentation was about people … people I call “The Interpreters”. Interpreters are the people who understand the mission of the organization and have sufficient technical capability to help the vision leaders (the decision makers) understand how the technical aspects can assist them, and they help the technical people understand the organization and its mission.

As leaders in organizations, I propose that it is time to consider who the technicians, the scientists, are that have the communications, relationship, and organizational skills to become Interpreters. Additionally, organization leaders need to identify the individuals who are currently interpreters that are not necessarily technical in nature but have the requisite skills and have demonstrated technical understanding.

Post-presentation talk 1
Once identified, organizational leaders need to create individual development plans for these individuals. Individual development plans would include technical training, leadership training, management training, and positions of increased responsibility to grow the individual —- no different than the plans might be created for the MBA or the Engineer or the salesman (leader).

Over the past couple of years, there have been numerous articles in the business and IT publications about the role of the Chief Information Officer, Chief Technical Officer, Chief Management Office, Chief Operations Officer, and the like. In many organizations, there are glass ceilings depending on what type of “person” you are. In engineering organizations, individuals who are not engineers might not be elevated above a certain level. In insurance companies, it might be a requirement to obtain a legal degree. In pharmaceutical companies — chemists or the like.

Is it time that we got more nuanced, more focused on the best people earlier regardless of their degree or initial position in the organization? Are the interpreters the ones who should help move us in that direction? Many of our most esteemed individuals through history were likely the interpreters earlier in the careers… they were good at many skills and did not focus excellence on the one required skill.

There is so much more to start thinking about regarding this topic that one blog post is insufficient.

As an aside, you will see my recently created title “Straterationist”. For a long-time, I have spoken and written about the need to separate strategy and operations and then find the method to recombine strategy and operations, what I call straterations … So, I am the Straterationist.
Post-presentation talk 2
What is Predictive Analytics World for Government? Dr. Eric Siegel created Predictive Analytics World to gather industry experts across a variety of industries and share their current work in the predictive analytics area. In short, predictive analytics is the advancement of statistics combined with the extraordinary amount of data we produce to provide decision makers with a better understanding of what may happen in the future. You can follow the link above to get the full agenda and description.

PAW GOV 2014 Presentation

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Predictive Analytics World – Government

15 September 2014

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Dad the Buffoon ala Father’s Day Cards

16 June 2014

Did you receive a humorous Father’s Day Card poking fun at your incessant laziness, belligerent attitude, farting, or anything else? While humor is good, and Dad’s tend to be the “funny” parent, do we deserve the non-stop maltreatment on TV shows and advertisements AND a card on our one day per year that pokes fun […]

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Military LGBT Support – A Divergent Path

6 June 2014

Tomorrow, the United States Military District of Washington will provide a color guard to lead the “Capital Pride” parade in Washington, DC. An anticipated 150,000 people will watch an 8 person team of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines lead a parade of individuals pridefully demonstrating their support of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Americans. Wait… […]

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Remembering the Grand Strategist – Ronald Reagan

5 June 2014

Ronald Reagan became President of the United States when I was just 8 years old. Many of us might struggle to remember things like that from their youth, but I remember Ronald Reagan’s leadership and direction because my beloved country was in a terrible malaise heading into his presidency. Why? The USA was being led […]

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