Firing Firefox

by TheWriter on April 4, 2014

As of today, I am firing Firefox. Firefox, the purveyor of open source web browsing and other fan favorite software programs, has forced-out its CEO, Brandon Eich, because he donated money to a cause he believed in — the protection of the centuries old definition of marriage. I have not seen why he supported Prop 8 in California, whether it was a religious view or some other view, but it does not matter to the board of Mozilla (which controls Firefox). The loud and proud LGBT crew, along with others, got online and denounced Mr. Eich’s $1000 support of Prop 8.

Why does the definition of inclusive in the USA only include acceptance of all ideas and beliefs ONLY IF you believe what the “left” believes by turning-away from centuries old definitions and your religious beliefs?

More to follow…


I am an animal — I act like one too!

by TheWriter on April 1, 2014

I have a question …. Are we animals? I mean, are we able to take control of our actions, or are we unable to control ourselves? On an almost daily basis, I am amazed about the duplicitous arguments made by people regarding their ability, or lack thereof, to control themselves and their actions. We blame biology, genetics, group think, rich people, and more. Just the other day, I had someone yell at me that I should tell the birds of the sky to stop “s$%tting” on the sidewalk! Why?

Well… I was walking to work and there he was walking in front of me. As I caught-up to him and was preparing to “pass” him, he turned his head to the left and spat a huge, tobacco induced, glob of spittle right into the middle of the sidewalk. He could have instead turned his head an equal distance to the right and spit into the street. I walked by and stewed on this a moment and realized I had to say something.

I slowed down, and as he caught-up to me, I said, “Sir, I would ask that next time you spit, you consider turning your head to the right and spit in the street rather than the middle of the sidewalk.” Now, you might think I am exaggerating my calmness, but my genetic make-up can make me a hot-head at times. I did not want to be in this case. So, I practiced what I was going to say as I decided whether I was going to say it or not. His response? “F$%^ YOU!” I responded, “I did not swear at you or raise my voice, I simply offered that you might consider spitting in the street rather than the middle of the sidewalk.” He responded, with elevated voice, “Go yell at the birds for sh#$tting everywhere!”

Really? This guy is so skewed in his view of the world and himself that he believes he has the same amount of control over himself as a bird whose bowels get filled, and it releases its guano upon the world. You nay-sayers who think that this is ridiculous, listen to the news … look around you. People everyday act as though they cannot control themselves — whether it is eating, drinking, speaking, parenting, sex, and more. In the last couple of days, we have seen people riot against police because their basketball team lost a game. Are they animals unable to control themselves? That’s what too many people think … except when they don’t.


Guest Post – Parenting & Leadership

by TheWriter on February 22, 2014

Please welcome my first guest blogger and contributor Mark … a very good friend, a dear friend, who recently read my Leader Parenting blog, listened to his pastor, and wrote this piece. Take a couple of minutes to read this … especially if you are a parent.

By Mark K.

Parenting and Leadership are defining topics of two aspects of my life; work and home. Leadership Parenting causes these two worlds to collide; creating a reaction my vocabulary fails to describe other than to say they touch on a nerve. I’ve debated commenting on Reading the Leader v. Manager Parenting blog for a few days now because even though I aspire to leadership parenting, I too am guilty of managing my kids like I manage my time. Leadership parenting demands more than mere management provides.

The message at church a couple of weeks ago was about marriage and our responsibilities as a husband and wife. A statistic was offered, only 48% of adults get married. I guess more are inclined to choose the non-committal path of a “committed relationship.” I can think of numerous family members and acquaintances that are living with a person who is not their spouse in a “committed relationship.” The same message noted that those couples who cohabitate prior to marriage are more likely to end their marriages in divorce. Not coincidentally, I heard on the radio last week that a couple getting married today has a less than 50/50 chance of staying married. I asked myself why the odds are stacked so unfavorably against traditional marriage. I can only surmise that we’ve lost our way.

There was an underlying tone in the Pastor’s message that addressed the desensitization of homosexuality and the acceptance of same-sex…fill in the word you want to use to describe homosexual relationships. Christian values, morals, ethics, and beliefs were at the root of our society and provided the guardrails that kept us moving in a direction guided by morality and protected us from ourselves. Slowly, incrementally, and deliberately those guardrails are being removed and leaving us unprotected and at the mercy of our superhuman ability to rationalize sinful behavior. What one generation tolerates, the next accepts. Standing in opposition is difficult and frequently a minority report. Leadership requires you to go against what is considered acceptable if it is contrary to your core values and vision, even if it puts you at personal risk.

Am I leading my children for the sake of their future and the future of generations to come, or am I just managing day to day affairs to get by as best I can? Am I showing my children where the guardrails that protect humanity should be and nurturing their sensitivity of good and bad or am I teaching them how to get by within the rationalized standards of societal behavior? As a parent, what example am I modeling for my children? Am I leading them in the direction that that we were created to follow or down the path of rationalized societal norms of behavior but with eternal and irrevocable consequences? Seems like a simple choice to make, right? Do we maintain our core beliefs knowing that it may someday become a means of punishing us? Or, do we succumb to desensitization and rationalize to the point that we conform to societal trends at the cost of sacrificing core values and beliefs. Either way, we are leading our children, our families, and our society somewhere.

Finding the elusive balance between work and family is the catch phrase I hear constantly from fathers. And when the balance is more elusive than expected, the follow-up phrase is that it’s the quality of the time not the quantity of time you spend with your kids. Have we abdicated our responsibility as parents in the name of time management and rationalized that it’s the quality of time over the quantity of time? Or do we make a conscious decision to choose our family over our work at times when parent leadership is required, assuming our family needs leadership? My fingers betray me as I write this, pointing backward and exposing the log in my own eye. It’s not the amount of time; it’s the quality of time…right? How much quality time do you spend with your kids on a typical day? Do you need both hands or is one sufficient for the count? How do you spend that precious and limited quality time? Do you have dinner together at the table with conversations or in front of the TV? Do you help with homework and show interest in what happened in their day or are you bringing work home? How much time you allocate for your kids is managing. What you do with that time is still managing. Failing to lead as a parent is to subject your children and their future to the rationalized standards of society that is unaware of the irrevocable and eternal consequences of a well managed life. Parenting leadership is making a conscious effort to create available time that builds the character of your kids, helping instill in them the knowledge of where the guardrails are, an understanding of why they are there, and the courage to stand in opposition when necessary. Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6 – NKJV)

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