Republican or Democrat???

Over the past weekend, I had the opportunity to drive about 7 hours each way to see my kids. The driving is long and tiring but, in the end, getting to see my kids is well worth it. Also, the opportunity to think for fourteen hours was very good.

One thing I decided was that I am no longer a Republican. I have been a Republican for my entire adult life. Why? Because the Republicans believed in more things that I believed in than did the Democrats. However. That is no longer the case.

Both parties are lost. Lost to progressive thought. Lost to gerrymandered districts. Lost? Why do I say lost?

Because they are lost to you, the Citizens of the United States. They do not represent you, the citizens, any longer. They do not believe in the Constitution. They do not follow the Constitution. Few of them could even recite their oath to you or understand what that oath means.

No. I am an Independent. I am going to develop a specific term that I am labeling – Conservative Constructionist. What is that you say? Many of you have heard of “Strict Constructionist” and “Loose Constructionist”. I think those terms are not understood and too tight in definition. I am a Conservative Constructionist who believes that the Constitution might require change sometimes. However, when preparing law, when executing law, when judging violations of the law, I believe that our representatives should be able to point at a portion (i.e. clause(s)) of the Constitution that specifically provides the explanation to his/her respective work. If he/she cannot do that, then an amendment is needed. That is change. But, it is codified change that can be pointed to later for the actions of our government.

If the citizens of the United States truly believe that the Federal Government should provide healthcare to all citizens, then the Constitution should say the same. The Constitution provides clear and unambiguous guidance on how to do this. It provides the PEOPLE the opportunity to affect change in government. The people have to agree and approve the change.

So. I am establishing a new term. Conservative Constructionist. Conservative that believes law should be truly based upon the Constitution with specific reference to a clause or clauses. When that is not possible, then the Constitution requires amendment. It may seem as though this is impossible. But, if that is the case, it is only in that we have moved so far away from the Constitution that it SEEMS impossible. The Commerce Clause is used for almost every possible reason now. Go read it. Do you see anything in that clause that tells you that the Federal Government should ensure healthcare for ALL?

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