US Debt Clock!

The other day I wrote about the total Federal Debt. I listed the total as over $50 Trillion dollars. I was only partially correct. It is over $100 TRILLION DOLLARS!!!! The debt of $50 trillion is only the debt that is currently held and “realized” in accounting terms. The $100 Trillion amount reflects the unfunded liabilities that are held in the Social Security, Medicare and Prescription Drug benefit programs that are not “realized” but must be paid in the future.

Today, David Walker was on Glenn Beck and showed this web page while discussing his newest book which provides a plan to bring our country back to fiscal responsibility.

He also showed a webpage that his new organization has developed… The US Debt Clock!

You MUST checkout this webpage. Bookmark it. Keep it in your thoughts. Pay attention!

When you hear your “representatives” talk about the small bill of healthcare, or anything else, go back to this clock and think about what that means for you, your children, your grandchildren, and the next, and the next….

We must stop the madness and get back to fiscal responsibility in our government and in our personal lives.

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