Marines and Free Speech

This story has trickled off but still represents the dichotomy in the United States where about 2 million of the 307 million serve in the military to defend the rights of all. Code Pink lost its support and had to leave Berkeley. Berkeley was forced to back-off of its vitriolic letters and not send them for fear of potholes subsuming the driving surface of every street. But this idea of Marines (and the rest of the brave individuals who stand-up and serve) has not changed.

Let’s not forget the way these individuals treated these Marines and the unbelievably naive attitude of this part of our society. Man is inherently violent and has been since the dawn of time.

The idea espoused by some that the Marines themselves do not have the right to free speech is incredible. Let us not forget that these Marines were under orders and were not expressing free speech, they were ensuring its strength and promise.

If I lived in this area, I would carry coffee into these Marines every morning!

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One thought on “Marines and Free Speech”

  1. I don’t understand how “some” liberals develop their frame of thought. If joining the military was required for every U.S. citizen for a period of 2-4 years, I think they would be able to better understand what is necessary to ensure freedom. After joining the military, I indeed saw how sheltered a life I lived. I thank God for the U.S. military and pray for those who are not thankful for them.

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