Army Ten Miler – One

While shooting at the Army Ten Miler, I found myself with a heart growing three times larger (as the Grinch said).

Why? I watched as these young men and women of the Wounded Warriors prepared to race in the Army Ten Miler. Some were in wheelchairs designed for amputees, some ran with prosthetics, and some had injuries not visible. They also had supporters running with them. Some had t-shirts that simply read, “Run Army Run Strong”, and there were others, like this one:

Army Ten Miler T-Shirt

This shirt reads, “Team 9 Line: Running in honor of our nation’s wounded warriors and their families.” Notice that he too is a wounded warrior. BTW – For those who have not served in the military, a “9 Line” is the method that a Soldier calls a Medevac for an injured warrior.

These amazing men and women should make all of us think about the blessings we have in this country!

Here are some more photos. I will be writing another post later with other photos from the day’s activities.

Army Ten Miler_1Army Ten Miler Smiling WarriorArmy Ten Miler WarriorsArmy Ten Miler_2

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-25

  • Jst wondering Y virtually evry gvmt the left esteems is moving away frm gvmt intervention while we move toward it? #
  • Shooting photos at the Army Ten Miler! Wounded Warriors kicking ten miles like it was nothing!!! #
  • Shot 1400+ #photos ! will get some on the blog ASAP! It is Great to be an American! God Bless the USA! #
  • And God Bless these great runners and wheel chair runners today. We should all be so loving of this great country and our Soldiers! #

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14 Days to Go

Today, there will be lots of reports about the final push, the final two weeks, etc. , etc., etc.

My question is simple…

How will you decide who to support? Will you decide based upon the letter after the name on the ballot, or will you learn about the candidate and decide on the issues the candidate believes in?

Furthermore, will you confirm that actions have followed words for those who have been in office, or will you listen to divisive commentary about “college experiments” and such?

There is a reason that our 13 colonies wrote laws requiring land ownership or other citizenry responsibilities initially. Because, those who own land have “ante’d up” and have money on the table. Do not go down the wrong path with that history because by 1820 virtually every state had abolished the land ownership requirement and expanded voting to others.

The real point is that we must care about more than ourselves and our current needs and desires. We must look into the faces of our children and grandchildren and consider what we are leaving to them.

If your candidate speaks to a future where the government will take care of you and your needs, regardless of how admirable that may sound, rebuke that candidate.

Rebuke him or her in person.

Rebuke him or her in your writings.

Rebuke him or her in your words.

Rebuke him or her in your actions…. Especially your actions at the ballot booth this November 2d!