California is lost!

How many times have I heard people say that they wouldn’t mind seeing California fall off into the Pacific Ocean?! It is sad that this beautiful state, this Golden State, is viewed so poorly by everyone who doesn’t live there. Even some of those who live there these days cannot stand the direction the state is heading.

Was it the drugs and free love in the by-gone 60s?

Was it the change in the law that required the Census to attempt to count illegal immigrants and then apportion Congressional seats based on both citizens AND illegal immigrants?

Was it the communism and socialism promulgated through Hollywood?

What was it that killed this wonderful, beautiful state?

I read an article this morning that made me think about this. One very sad observation — There are more people living under Medi-Cal in California than there are residents of 38 states! That’s right. There are 7 million people who are on the roles of Medi-Cal, and that is greater than the number of people in 38 of the states. And… Medi-Cal is only ONE of the state’s programs that ensures people learn to live off the government. BTW – Medi-Cal is the state’s medicare system.

It would be very interesting to do a historical study on California to ascertain when the voting started really changing over to the progressive agenda and if there is a causal relationship to something specific. There are likely too many factors involved to draw a clear conclusion, but it would be an interesting study.

I wonder how many millions in government grants I could get for that study??? 🙂

PS The 2010 Census is the first one since California became a state in 1850 that California did not GROW in size. In fact, if the Census was not required to count illegal immigrants, the state would have gone down in population by over 1 million people. Only due to the influx of illegal immigrants (labeled “international migrants” by the Census bureau) was California able to flat line its population curve. With the loss of illegal immigrants in the Congressional apportionments, how many seats would California have?

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