Foxconn, Apple, and Political Correctness

Why does the rest of the world supposedly dislike the USA??? Funny … I bet the Foxconn employees would say they dislike the USA because we try to apply our rules of employment against them. This article discusses how the employees at Foxconn are upset because they are only allowed to work 36 hours of overtime per month versus 60 hours of overtime. Foxconn produces iPads, iPhones, and other Apple products that the world enjoys and spends significant money to build the need for these hours. Let us see…

60 hours of overtime per month means 15 hours per week or a 55 hour work week.
36 hours of overtime per month means 9 hours per week or a 49 hour work week.

Yes… We have decided the employees should not be ALLOWED to work the hours they wish to work. There was nothing that showed Foxconn was FORCING the employees to work. Nay! The employees were OFFERED the opportunity to earn extra money for themselves and their families. But, we… Led by our media that deems itself the harbinger of all that is right and just…. WE decided it was inappropriate for someone to choose to work 55 hours per week.

Are you kidding?! I worked a minimum of 12 hour shifts for 6 days per week in Afghanistan PLUS 6 hours on the 7th day. That equates to a minimum of 78 hours per week. Our civil servants are also working that many hours per week. So… Should we tell them to stop working?

Workers in South Korea have worked hard and made their nation one of the top 11 or 13 nations in GDP (depending on which report you read). They have the highest average weekly work hour rate of ANY industrialized nation. More than 56 hours per week. Yet, they are a great democracy and their citizens standup for themselves over all kinds of issues.

So… What is it we are doing here? Demanding citizens of another nation work fewer hours and are unable to make their lives and their children’s lives better?

Who is it that is making the people around the world dislike us?

Lest we forget that most experts agree that the >20% unemployment in numerous places around the world is EXACTLY what drives terrorism when the citizens feel they have no future, no life.

We have spent the last 40+ years slowly encroaching upon our own citizens’ lives until our citizens are so used to it, they fail to recognize the leviathan has become insurmountable.

Now, we will start the process in other places around the world.


4 thoughts on “Foxconn, Apple, and Political Correctness”

  1. But surely if you allow people to work longer hours you will also keep unemployment levels higher? If everybody worked 38 hour weeks then you’d have to employ more people, sharing the wealth about and creating value in two people’s lives. Are you saying this would be worse? I think the bigger problem here is that we have a very large cohort of baby-boomers (born ’46 to ’64) who have squirrelled away all the wealth and now want follow on generations to pay for their health-care costs and generous pensions. This is going unchecked, this generation have had children that, for the first time in history, will not be better off than they were and now we see them renegotiating future generation’s pensions and working hours – there’s the danger. Good blog though – the reason people hate America is because you guys are so vindictive. You launch into conflicts without any post-conflict planning and with very limited thinking into why you are actually fighting anyway. The American brand is not always wanted around the world yet Anerican’s cannot understand why it wouldn’t be and it is that arrogance that people dislike. Also, the American work ethic of 60+ hr weeks just isn’t very conducive to a happy relaxed work-life balance. I’ll stop there. The real reason, of course, is that the games our kids play – rounders and netball – you turn into major sports – baseball and basketball. Seriously, that ‘s just embarrassing bro 🙂

    1. Ahhhh, My British Friend… You make me chortle (Hahaha… Snort!)

      The key problem I have in the first third of your comment is that someone has to mandate those restricted hours of work. That means a government and it’s inherent bureaucracy. So… We have a government, a leviathan in the making, trouncing upon our personal rights.

      IF I want to work 60 hours a week, I should be FREE to do so. If my employer expects that, and I do not like it, then I will leave. While some will argue that is not always possible, it is the difference between choice and mandate. I could also choose to live on the streets or the mountains or whatever.

      So much more to talk about, but I will just say that sports… Sports are so funny. We have always liked sports whether they were the utmost “sport” of the gladiators in the Coliseum or the simple act of running. It is even more funny to me how each of us take to our nation’s or regions sport. I look forward to visiting you and knocking back a couple while watching cricket, rugby, or other.

      Sadly, when you come here, we will have to avoid the pro sports since here in the USA, they are over glorified celebrities whose incomes and attention are an extension of where my blessed country has gone awry. But, we can catch a little league game or maybe a college game. 🙂

  2. This whole thing stinks. If I wanted to apply USA employment rules to my employees, I’d hire USA employees. If I want to leverage (I’m sorry…exploit) lower wage workers someplace else, don’t let me do it. We can just pay top dollar for everything and keep markets inefficient and keep developing nations out of development opportunities. I’m sure dirt poor people won’t mind having doors to opportunity closed in their face. I’m sure they happy saying, “The American dream…what a crock. I wouldn’t want a home for myself and my family. No sir-ee. This dirt floor tin shack will be just fine for my children’s, children’s children’s children.”

    1. Charles… Took me a second to catch-on (haven’t had enough coffee yet this morning)…. But, you are right. Do we not understand that the capitalism and freedom to earn an income in China is exactly what is forcing the communist party to make changes? Their “representative” system will never be the same as ours, but few countries will ever be like ours. Let us share the wealth and watch the creation of wealth spread through opportunity versus “benevolence”.

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