Second Mode of Transportation

20120407-122634.jpgLiving in DC, we did not need a vehicle most of the time between walking and the Metro. Could walk the 1 mile to work and out for drinks in the evening.

Here in Kentucky, we need not just our car, for the 15 miles each way to work, but also a second vehicle. What did I get???

A Suzuki Burgman 400. Yes — It is a scooter. It is also large enough to carry two adults at highway speed. About 60 mpg… Good for running to work and out & about.

Of course, I shall have to be extra defensive in nature since people’s driving ability seems to get worse every year. 🙂

Personal photos soon…

Sadness at Easter

Parents! What are we doing that we start crossing the line resulting in parents who hurt children at an Easter Egg Hunt?! Near Macon, GA, the local officials cancelled the annual Easter Egg Hunt because the adults have hurt children in recent years whilst “helping” their children acquire more eggs.


I read that many places hire off duty police officers to keep people in-line and acting appropriately.

What are we doing? We have created a society in which people think they and their children are more deserving of things than others in situations that are open and fair to all. If your child is nervous and unwilling to run around like crazy grabbing eggs, maybe you as a parent should use that as a leadership opportunity …

Teach your child about charity and giving to others…
Teach your child about self confidence and achieving a goal…
Teach your child about thinking through a problem…

And NONE of those should be taught in a way that results in other children getting hurt or disparaged.

In the end, WE have an issue in our society… This type of parenting is no different than those parents who yell at, disparate, or even beat up kids, coaches, and referees at sporting events. It all stems from the same “privilege” society. It is going to take all of us to fix it… Where to begin?