Dad the Buffoon ala Father’s Day Cards

16 June 2014

Did you receive a humorous Father’s Day Card poking fun at your incessant laziness, belligerent attitude, farting, or anything else? While humor is good, and Dad’s tend to be the “funny” parent, do we deserve the non-stop maltreatment on TV shows and advertisements AND a card on our one day per year that pokes fun […]

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Military LGBT Support – A Divergent Path

6 June 2014

Tomorrow, the United States Military District of Washington will provide a color guard to lead the “Capital Pride” parade in Washington, DC. An anticipated 150,000 people will watch an 8 person team of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines lead a parade of individuals pridefully demonstrating their support of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Americans. Wait… […]

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Remembering the Grand Strategist – Ronald Reagan

5 June 2014

Ronald Reagan became President of the United States when I was just 8 years old. Many of us might struggle to remember things like that from their youth, but I remember Ronald Reagan’s leadership and direction because my beloved country was in a terrible malaise heading into his presidency. Why? The USA was being led […]

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VA Hospitals are subset of National Healthcare

16 May 2014

I am wondering … how long will the left be outraged about the VA hospital situation once they realize that VA hospitals ARE national healthcare / single-payer healthcare? The Veterans Administration healthcare system provides medical care to retired military service members and veterans who have service related medical conditions. They do not take care of […]

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Firing Firefox

4 April 2014

As of today, I am firing Firefox. Firefox, the purveyor of open source web browsing and other fan favorite software programs, has forced-out its CEO, Brandon Eich, because he donated money to a cause he believed in — the protection of the centuries old definition of marriage. I have not seen why he supported Prop […]

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I am an animal — I act like one too!

1 April 2014

I have a question …. Are we animals? I mean, are we able to take control of our actions, or are we unable to control ourselves? On an almost daily basis, I am amazed about the duplicitous arguments made by people regarding their ability, or lack thereof, to control themselves and their actions. We blame […]

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Guest Post – Parenting & Leadership

22 February 2014

Please welcome my first guest blogger and contributor Mark … a very good friend, a dear friend, who recently read my Leader Parenting blog, listened to his pastor, and wrote this piece. Take a couple of minutes to read this … especially if you are a parent. By Mark K. Parenting and Leadership are defining […]

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