Firing Firefox

4 April 2014

As of today, I am firing Firefox. Firefox, the purveyor of open source web browsing and other fan favorite software programs, has forced-out its CEO, Brandon Eich, because he donated money to a cause he believed in — the protection of the centuries old definition of marriage. I have not seen why he supported Prop […]

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I am an animal — I act like one too!

1 April 2014

I have a question …. Are we animals? I mean, are we able to take control of our actions, or are we unable to control ourselves? On an almost daily basis, I am amazed about the duplicitous arguments made by people regarding their ability, or lack thereof, to control themselves and their actions. We blame […]

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Guest Post – Parenting & Leadership

22 February 2014

Please welcome my first guest blogger and contributor Mark … a very good friend, a dear friend, who recently read my Leader Parenting blog, listened to his pastor, and wrote this piece. Take a couple of minutes to read this … especially if you are a parent. By Mark K. Parenting and Leadership are defining […]

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Illinois Loss is Virginia Gain

16 February 2014

Illinois — Loser. Virginia — Winner. This past week I established my LLC in Virginia instead of Illinois. One of the reasons I did so is because Illinois has recently increased the cost of establishing LLCs from $175 to $500. In Virginia, the cost to establish an LLC is $100. Furthermore, the cost of having […]

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I fail too many times to count

13 February 2014

How many times I fail… How many times I know what is the just thing to do, but I choose to turn-away from that path and take the easier one. Let me not convey some perfectionism that implies the ability to never get angry or frustrated, but I do believe I can always get better […]

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Cincinnati IRS – Not Regional

12 February 2014

Several times recently, I have read and heard politicians speaking of the IRS office in Cincinnati, OH as a regional office. They use this phrasing to make it seem as though there is no link between the central office in Washington, DC and Cincinnati. This de-linking is critical for trying to reduce the perception, if […]

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Another Endearing Budweiser Commercial

30 January 2014

Budweiser appears to be at it again… trying to pull the tears out of millions of hardened men as they try to simply have a beer and watch the annual gridiron battle on TV — the Super Bowl. Maybe we should declare Super Bowl Sunday the one time per year that real men can let […]

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