Big Data for Defense and Intel

Presenting at the Big Data for Defense and Intel Presenting at the Big Data for Defense and Intel[/caption]Excellent experience today – Selected to present at the Big Data for Defense and Intelligence, and Homeland Security Symposium today. Technology Training Corporation hosted and led the conference. My presentation was a special dual presentation entitled, “Decision Point Analytics” and “The Role of the Interpreter.”

In short, Decision Point Analytics is tracking information at the point of recommendation such as who is the decision-maker, the recommendation, expected outcomes and the like. If we do not track that information, we do not have verification of our algorithms or data, nor do we assure the science in the decision-maker.
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I was a speaker at PAWGOV – 2014

Presenting at PAWGOV-2014

I was honored to have the opportunity to speak at the Predictive Analytics World for Government this past Tuesday.

My talk was not a hard science/math discussion. Rather, my presentation was about people … people I call “The Interpreters”. Interpreters are the people who understand the mission of the organization and have sufficient technical capability to help the vision leaders (the decision makers) understand how the technical aspects can assist them, and they help the technical people understand the organization and its mission.

As leaders in organizations, I propose that it is time to consider who the technicians, the scientists, are that have the communications, relationship, and organizational skills to become Interpreters. Additionally, organization leaders need to identify the individuals who are currently interpreters that are not necessarily technical in nature but have the requisite skills and have demonstrated technical understanding.

Post-presentation talk 1
Once identified, organizational leaders need to create individual development plans for these individuals. Individual development plans would include technical training, leadership training, management training, and positions of increased responsibility to grow the individual —- no different than the plans might be created for the MBA or the Engineer or the salesman (leader).

Over the past couple of years, there have been numerous articles in the business and IT publications about the role of the Chief Information Officer, Chief Technical Officer, Chief Management Office, Chief Operations Officer, and the like. In many organizations, there are glass ceilings depending on what type of “person” you are. In engineering organizations, individuals who are not engineers might not be elevated above a certain level. In insurance companies, it might be a requirement to obtain a legal degree. In pharmaceutical companies — chemists or the like.

Is it time that we got more nuanced, more focused on the best people earlier regardless of their degree or initial position in the organization? Are the interpreters the ones who should help move us in that direction? Many of our most esteemed individuals through history were likely the interpreters earlier in the careers… they were good at many skills and did not focus excellence on the one required skill.

There is so much more to start thinking about regarding this topic that one blog post is insufficient.

As an aside, you will see my recently created title “Straterationist”. For a long-time, I have spoken and written about the need to separate strategy and operations and then find the method to recombine strategy and operations, what I call straterations … So, I am the Straterationist.
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What is Predictive Analytics World for Government? Dr. Eric Siegel created Predictive Analytics World to gather industry experts across a variety of industries and share their current work in the predictive analytics area. In short, predictive analytics is the advancement of statistics combined with the extraordinary amount of data we produce to provide decision makers with a better understanding of what may happen in the future. You can follow the link above to get the full agenda and description.

PAW GOV 2014 Presentation

Maker’s Mark Bourbon Tour

Where do you live? What is there around you that you know is there, but you never seem to have the time? We got here in March and are taking advantage of family visits to see interesting things around Elizabethtown, KY. Places like Loretto, KY that is the home of a National Landmark, the Maker’s Mark distillery. We went on a wonderful tour and had a nice tasting at the end. We even got to hand dip our bottle like they have been doing since 1953 when Mr. Samuels made the recipe, and his wife created the unmistakable brand image that is Maker’s Mark.

Now… Get out there and see the wonderful, beautiful history around where you live!

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First Sunday RIDE

Remember the “Sunday Drive”? Today, we went for a Sunday Ride on our Burgman Scooter. It was not only our first Sunday Rode, but our first ride together. Having spent the last month riding solo, including a trip to NKU of 2.25 hours each direction on the interstate, and accruing more than 700 miles experience, I decided I felt comfortable enough for a duo-ride.

We took it easy and stayed on back roads through Kentucky Bourbon country, but it was a nice 1.25 hour ride.

No! Rico did not go with us today. But, he met us afterwards and expressed his enthusiasm to go for a ride in the future.



Sleeping Girls

At night, I cover my Burgman 400 scooter, so I do not get a wet backside in the morning… Especially this time of year with the early morning dew.

Here are the two girls…

Vicki, Magda’s Ford Escape (that I named – hehe), and…

Wait! OMG! What am I going to name my scooter? All vehicles are girls. Mean, I am NOT going to “ride” a scooter with a guy’s name. So… Keep reading here. I will have to run a contest to name the scooter.


Second Mode of Transportation

20120407-122634.jpgLiving in DC, we did not need a vehicle most of the time between walking and the Metro. Could walk the 1 mile to work and out for drinks in the evening.

Here in Kentucky, we need not just our car, for the 15 miles each way to work, but also a second vehicle. What did I get???

A Suzuki Burgman 400. Yes — It is a scooter. It is also large enough to carry two adults at highway speed. About 60 mpg… Good for running to work and out & about.

Of course, I shall have to be extra defensive in nature since people’s driving ability seems to get worse every year. 🙂

Personal photos soon…

Foxconn, Apple, and Political Correctness

Why does the rest of the world supposedly dislike the USA??? Funny … I bet the Foxconn employees would say they dislike the USA because we try to apply our rules of employment against them. This article discusses how the employees at Foxconn are upset because they are only allowed to work 36 hours of overtime per month versus 60 hours of overtime. Foxconn produces iPads, iPhones, and other Apple products that the world enjoys and spends significant money to build the need for these hours. Let us see…

60 hours of overtime per month means 15 hours per week or a 55 hour work week.
36 hours of overtime per month means 9 hours per week or a 49 hour work week.

Yes… We have decided the employees should not be ALLOWED to work the hours they wish to work. There was nothing that showed Foxconn was FORCING the employees to work. Nay! The employees were OFFERED the opportunity to earn extra money for themselves and their families. But, we… Led by our media that deems itself the harbinger of all that is right and just…. WE decided it was inappropriate for someone to choose to work 55 hours per week.

Are you kidding?! I worked a minimum of 12 hour shifts for 6 days per week in Afghanistan PLUS 6 hours on the 7th day. That equates to a minimum of 78 hours per week. Our civil servants are also working that many hours per week. So… Should we tell them to stop working?

Workers in South Korea have worked hard and made their nation one of the top 11 or 13 nations in GDP (depending on which report you read). They have the highest average weekly work hour rate of ANY industrialized nation. More than 56 hours per week. Yet, they are a great democracy and their citizens standup for themselves over all kinds of issues.

So… What is it we are doing here? Demanding citizens of another nation work fewer hours and are unable to make their lives and their children’s lives better?

Who is it that is making the people around the world dislike us?

Lest we forget that most experts agree that the >20% unemployment in numerous places around the world is EXACTLY what drives terrorism when the citizens feel they have no future, no life.

We have spent the last 40+ years slowly encroaching upon our own citizens’ lives until our citizens are so used to it, they fail to recognize the leviathan has become insurmountable.

Now, we will start the process in other places around the world.