Military Intelligence on Display

IMG_0155.JPGYou know the old joke about military intelligence… Well, here is a story that goes far to revive and reaffirm that joke. The Pentagon has a library… a place to read, think, and broaden our military servicemembers’ and civilians’ skills and perspectives. However, in this building of more than 3.5 million square feet of office space, we have intelligently decided to strip away more than half of the library to create a bit more office space. While doing this, we are destroying some of our materials that the library holds. We scan them and put them in a database, but there is no budget for modern archival, so the dedicated staff diligently scans the documents and books but without conducting optical character recognition for simple retrieval and future use. There is not even a thorough plan for what to do with everything … Decisions are made on the fly as construction crews drill, cut, and hammer in the background.

This might seem simple and unworthy of discussion. Surely someone has thought this through intelligently and the office space is of higher importance, right? While I am certain that someone, or some ones, has used a method to determine the library space is less important than office space, it is an incredible demonstration of the priority the military places on stopping and thinking versus more space for working. Worse yet, the lack of a thorough plan for how to care for the multitude of items that no longer have a space at the new library is extremely disappointing for an organization that purports itself as the epitome of
planning aptitude. It validates why the joke about the military’s intelligence is easy to understand. Furthermore, every time I walk in the library right now as the construction is taking place, I know why so many officers are leaving the military … It doesn’t need to think… It just needs to follow orders.

By the way, I would estimate the increase of office space created by this reduction of the library at about 2,000 square feet…. Pentagon space managers have increased the office space by about one-half of one percent. Thank goodness we are spending tens of thousands of dollars for the construction of more office space. Military decision making at its finest!


Who needs college?

CNN released a documentary lifting the veil on college costs and the new business … Selling bachelor’s degrees and more. The American political correctness machine and idealism of each of us being equal versus having equal opportunities has resulted in the nation’s youth holding more than $1 trillion in student debt. That number pales in comparison to the free money and grants they received from all of us. Our President took over the student loan program and immediately started speaking to how we taxpayers will pay those bills when he absolves those students from their debt. Sadly, our nation is unable to have thorough, strategic, honest conversations about the priorities of government efforts . We cannot even discuss whether security is more important than paying for condoms for college students. If we cannot decide which of those is more important for our government to fund, how can we possibly consider the value of, and responsibility of us to fund, a college degree?

We all need to watch this movie…Ivory Tower

Predictive Analytics World – Government

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Quite honored and excited to attend and speak at Predictive Analytics World – Government today and tomorrow. My discussion is from the perspective of a data non-scientist considering the use of predictive analytics and how decision makers view the science. The Role of the Interpreter is considering how we identify individuals who have technical skills and the soft skills to translate between organizational vision leaders and the technical experts.

Military LGBT Support – A Divergent Path

Tomorrow, the United States Military District of Washington will provide a color guard to lead the “Capital Pride” parade in Washington, DC. An anticipated 150,000 people will watch an 8 person team of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines lead a parade of individuals pridefully demonstrating their support of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Americans.

Wait… What did I write? The military is pridefully showing the nation’s colors and colors (i.e. Flags) of the military services in support of the LGBT parade, or the prideful LGBT parade is proud to have the colors carried by military personnel?

I could interpret that either way… And that is part of the point…

Ronald Reagan said that he became a Republican when the Democrats diverged from their path, and he could not follow.

What is the military doing in this parade? Is it taking a divergent path that some, or many, in its ranks cannot follow? What about those not in its ranks that will not enter its ranks because of this support?

In the military, we follow lawful orders. Just this week, a baker in Colorado was ordered to bake cakes for LGBT weddings against its owners’ religious beliefs. So, it must be a legal order to carry the red, white, and blue in front of an LGBT parade, right?

What if one’s beliefs do not concur with supporting an LGBT active lifestyle? How will his/her career be impacted if he/she refuses to obey an order to carry the red, white, and blue?

Or, what if an individual is privately having an LGBT life, but he/she is unwilling to divulge that to his/her professional (in this case military) life? Now, Michael/Michelle is carrying our nation’s colors at the front of the parade and his/her outside life calls-out his/her name from the LGBT parade viewers. Is that fair to him/her? Shouldn’t he/she have the decision to choose when to expose his/her life? No… He/she is following an order.

While each of us can make a variety of choices in all aspects of our lives, military servicemembers do not always have that same luxury. We follow orders. As Jack Nicholson said in A Few Good Men, “We follow orders or people die.” We do so until such orders are illegal even including facing capital punishment if we obey an order that violates natural law… As demonstrated in the Nuremberg Trials.

What of this order? It is easy for those not in the military to deem it lawful… The courts are demonstrating that we have no religious choice, no religious “excuse”, with respect to what business we conduct, so what is next?

My guess is that what is next is a further reduction of those able to serve in the military. We know that the percentage of youth able to serve in the military has grown steadily smaller until estimates today are less than 2% of American youth can serve today. This violation of natural law, affirmed by military leadership, will reduce that number even further.

It is one thing to accept those of all sexual orientations… It is fully another thing to order any and or all of us to demonstrate support of those orientations with the full pride of a parade.

While I am an Army officer, my opinions and words are my own and are not those of the Army, the United States Department of Defense, or any other individual in the United States Department of Defense.

I found out about this from an article in a newspaper on the Metro.

I am an animal — I act like one too!

I have a question …. Are we animals? I mean, are we able to take control of our actions, or are we unable to control ourselves? On an almost daily basis, I am amazed about the duplicitous arguments made by people regarding their ability, or lack thereof, to control themselves and their actions. We blame biology, genetics, group think, rich people, and more. Just the other day, I had someone yell at me that I should tell the birds of the sky to stop “s$%tting” on the sidewalk! Why?

Well… I was walking to work and there he was walking in front of me. As I caught-up to him and was preparing to “pass” him, he turned his head to the left and spat a huge, tobacco induced, glob of spittle right into the middle of the sidewalk. He could have instead turned his head an equal distance to the right and spit into the street. I walked by and stewed on this a moment and realized I had to say something.

I slowed down, and as he caught-up to me, I said, “Sir, I would ask that next time you spit, you consider turning your head to the right and spit in the street rather than the middle of the sidewalk.” Now, you might think I am exaggerating my calmness, but my genetic make-up can make me a hot-head at times. I did not want to be in this case. So, I practiced what I was going to say as I decided whether I was going to say it or not. His response? “F$%^ YOU!” I responded, “I did not swear at you or raise my voice, I simply offered that you might consider spitting in the street rather than the middle of the sidewalk.” He responded, with elevated voice, “Go yell at the birds for sh#$tting everywhere!”

Really? This guy is so skewed in his view of the world and himself that he believes he has the same amount of control over himself as a bird whose bowels get filled, and it releases its guano upon the world. You nay-sayers who think that this is ridiculous, listen to the news … look around you. People everyday act as though they cannot control themselves — whether it is eating, drinking, speaking, parenting, sex, and more. In the last couple of days, we have seen people riot against police because their basketball team lost a game. Are they animals unable to control themselves? That’s what too many people think … except when they don’t.

I fail too many times to count

How many times I fail… How many times I know what is the just thing to do, but I choose to turn-away from that path and take the easier one.

Let me not convey some perfectionism that implies the ability to never get angry or frustrated, but I do believe I can always get better and should seek to do so.

These videos are beautiful and should remind us that we can always be better. We can choose to take a deep breath when our child is not acting the way we want them to act.

We can think about the 60 million babies who will never have the chance to frustrate their parent, or bring the greatest joy to their parent, because they were aborted. Then, when our children are frustrating or angering us, maybe we will bridge that synapse and remember that video (and the other two) … and we will do better.

Moreover, maybe when we begin to disparage someone with our assumed understanding of the situation, we will again remember that video.

The cynics will say it is just an advertisement trying to garner favor and revenue. While that may be true, it works … the tights I wear for running are made by Wacoal. They will continue to get my money because they took the time to share these stories and remind us that every woman, from Eve to Mary, Magdalen, and Martha, to present, is beautiful and deserving of our protection and care.

Thank you Wacoal. God Bless June … and all the children.

Another Endearing Budweiser Commercial

Budweiser appears to be at it again… trying to pull the tears out of millions of hardened men as they try to simply have a beer and watch the annual gridiron battle on TV — the Super Bowl.

Maybe we should declare Super Bowl Sunday the one time per year that real men can let a couple tears fall from their eyes (just a couple though).

If man has a “second-best” friend — it has to be horses. Amazing gifts from God.

Wonder what they are NOT showing us? Looking forward to Sunday.

And for those who missed last year’s…

It’s OK. We aren’t watching … daub away.