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I have talked about photography sporadically here. I love photography. About three years ago, I realized there was no way I was ever going to have a chance to do all the hobbies I wanted to do, so I picked one. Photography.

That was a short segue I will have to talk about sometime in the future. But, today, I am posting a link to the Popular Photography website’s review of Aperture 3.0. It is a software program that I use to manage my photography. The review is OK. It does not get into a lot of details but does provide an overall sense of how Aperture works and why the reviewer likes it.

But… Let me tell you what I think here (well… at least a bit of it)!

I love Aperture 3.0 (Apple’s website). First of all, I am able to link the photos to a location. If I have taken a photo with GPS encoded with my iPhone, I can connect that information to other photos I have downloaded to Aperture. If I have not done that, I can simply select photos and then “Places” in the Aperture browser. Then, a Google map comes up, and I simply use it like normal to identify the location I took the photos. Very simple. Very intuitive. BTW – someday, I will purchase a GPS encoder for my camera. THEN! I will not have to use the iPhone linking OR Google maps because the GPS data is encoded on each and every picture. Maybe Santa will bring that for Christmas….  😉

Another great tool in Aperture 3.0 is “Faces”. It allows me to organize photos by the faces that appear in the photos. Additionally, if I have put a face in a contact’s information in the Apple address book application, Faces automatically uses that information to link the photo to the information. Faces is a facial recognition software and gets better over time as more faces are attributed by the user.

Aperture 3.0 is only for Mac users. I do not foresee Apple porting it over to Windows anytime soon, so, if you want to use it…. You’ll have to buy a Mac!

BTW – You can really do 95% of any photo enhancement you want to do inside Aperture. You do not need something like Photoshop except for graphic design work or other really advanced photo stuff.

Aperture 3.0 is great and really keeps my photos organized well but also allows me great flexibility in how I want to organize them. Trust me… That is a big deal when you start getting into the thousands of photos area of photography!

There is a free download at the Apple link above. If you have a Mac, go download it and try it out. You may like iPhoto which is really good also, but Aperture takes you to a whole different level of power!