Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Why is it that the poor of must spend more than those who can afford a whole lot more than us? Why do we cast the broken aside and only allow the valuable an opportunity to thrive? Why is it these television figures need only spin in a circle to be swimming in riches? But health care's so restrictive, that a professor of knowledge with two jobs still can’t afford to tend to her daughter’s sickness. A million dollars for a T.V. show and a book, and yet, the homeless vet, I smoke weed with on the corner never even gets a second look.

We spend more on war than ever before all in the name of survival, or possibly domination, but sometimes the lines get blurred when we try to define them. Why must there be such a great divide within humankind when we’re all supposed to be equal? But Justice is relative, when it’s money and power that determines how we all live. Why must we live to eek by and try to survive on the meager means that our employers are hardly willing to provide? Only negativity and nonsense on the news, who’s hot whose cool, another child dead, somebody shot up another damn school. Too far left, too far right. Barely any middle ground left for a meeting of the minds.

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